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Shubenacadie River Rafting September 2, 2004 travel Last weekend some friends and I went rafting through the rapids of the Shubenacadie River. The tides in the Bay of Fundy cause the highest tides in Kayaking in Keji August 6, 2004 travel I live in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, which is one of the most amazing, beautiful places in the world. Yesterday I went to Kejimkujik Snow! November 8, 2002 travel & weather I’m at my Mom and Dad’s house now… I drove up this afternoon to start attending the Tidal Wave Film Festival in Fredericton. Yesterday was a very Fun in Yarmouth October 26, 2002 travel I was in Yarmouth this morning and last night I enjoyed an amazing meal prepared by the students in the Hospitality program. I actually had two days Small World October 24, 2002 people & travel Sometimes I’m amazed at how the world seems so small. I’m in Yarmouth now, which is the left side of the map of Nova Scotia. I drove 300 kms West Shortwave Towers May 23, 2002 travel They’ve become a preoccupation of mine, especially after I moved to Nova Scotia from New Brunswick. With family and friends still in Fredericton,