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Graduation August 2, 2004 nscc & learning & work Two years ago (less two weeks) I began a journey with the Nova Scotia Community College . I attended New Faculty Orientation which was the first of Faculty Orientation August 23, 2002 learning & teaching & nscc Today I’m leaving Truro after a week of Faculty Orientation to the NS Community College. It’s hard to believe that it’s over and that so much seems Hot in Truro August 18, 2002 learning & nscc I’m in Truro, Nova Scotia now at the beginning of a week-long course that I am taking at the NS Community College campus. The participants are from Slow Month…not! August 16, 2002 screen arts & nscc While the site hasn’t been updated the past few weeks, there is a reason. I’ve started working full-time as a faculty member of the Nova Scotia