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Apple TV March 20, 2011 technology & video As soon as I picked up the box I thought that it seemed really small. But when I got my Apple TV out of the box it seemed almost impossibly small. Circular Logic: Around the Block in Fredericton July 15, 2008 art & video http://blip.tv/play/AcKrQgA A few years ago I took a great workshop that Chris Giles gave at the NB Filmmakers’ Co-operative in Fredericton. In the Circular Logic: 6 Loops in Wolfville May 29, 2008 art & video http://blip.tv/play/AbnqHAA I’ve always liked using things in ways that they weren’t intended and in 2003 for the Digital Dialogues exhibition I Final Cut Pro HD July 7, 2004 technology & apple & video & editing I’ve been working with Final Cut Pro for a long time. It’s one of those programs that I loved right from the first time that I’ve used it. It feels Circular Logic June 25, 2004 art & video Last week I uploaded Circular Logic: 6 Loops in Wolfville to my space at ZeD. The Circular Logic project originally happened for the Digital ZeD June 12, 2004 video & web I’ve been a member of ZeD for while and have been watching and lurking without uploading anything. In the past the only thing that I’ve uploaded has