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Archiving August 21, 2019 archiving & blog & tools & 43things & history & blot Keeping things can be good to help you remember your thinking, where you were, what you did, and to get a sense of history. Sharing things online Moving Hosts March 21, 2019 blog & bitdepth & tools Having a blog is a great way to share things and to remember things. The longer you have one and the more that you write the more that you’ve Teaching Electronic Toolkit June 26, 2013 clmooc & learning & teaching & tools As the school year ends I like to think about what I do and how I can do it better. You need to have a system to stay on track to be able to get Right Tool For Many Jobs May 25, 2008 tools For most of my life I’ve had a multi-tool that I’ve kept with me to fix and open things. The only ones that I’ve had used are Leatherman tools and BBEdit 6.52 June 16, 2002 bbedit & tools I finally took the plunge and updated my copy of BBEdit to the latest version. I’d been procrastinating the update since when I first bought the