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24 Years of Vegetarianism March 15, 2016 baking & bread & cooking & food & health & history & vegetarian & vegetarianism I became a vegetarian 24 years ago. It’s not a milestone that I usually celebrate, but that’s a long time to stick with something and it is also a What I’m Tracking in 2016 March 9, 2016 exist & fitbit & health & letterboxd & lifesum & quantified self & technology & withings Time for an update on what parts of myself get quantified and recorded this year. Last year I went through what I was tracking, so this year it’s Time for More Biking May 17, 2015 biking & health I love riding my bike. It’s fun and great exercise as well. Last year I rode 1325 kilometres and my goal for this year is to get over 2000 kms. It